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Looking for a welcoming restaurant to have a bite or a cup of coffee? Look no further than bliss caffeine bar. Our energetic atmosphere and talented staff are sure to impress you.


Our beans

all of our beans are from the local Halifax roaster, Java Blend. This wonderful roaster has been a staple of the community since 1938, making it one of Canada’s oldest and most beloved coffee roasters.

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our drinks

want something a little… stronger? Not only can we make your coffee Irish, but we also serve a delightful array of other alcoholic beverages. Refreshing mimosa’s, the Caesar, or one of our delicious brunch-tini’s!

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the story of our coffee

Brewing only the best

Jenna, co-owner of bliss: I noticed that quite a few coffee shops in Halifax were lacking something – the food was lacking, or the customer service wasn’t great, sometimes the coffee was not even made right! So, in opening my own brunch restaurant, the goal was clear from the beginning. The coffee cannot be a footnote. It needs to be just as impressive as the food. It needs to be a reason all on its own why people come to bliss.  That means using only the best beans and serving every drink exactly the way it should be made.

I didn’t have any experience as a barista when I opened the ville caffeine bar, I had to do my own research to learn how to make coffee correctly. I read a lot of articles about traditional Italian style coffee and how it’s supposed to be made. I also had the opportunity to learn from Alex Lee, one of the owners of Java Blend, a serious coffee connoisseur.

because i was a newbie, i didn’t have any bad habits to unlearn, and between my personal research and Alex lee’s guidance i was making drinks correctly from the get go. we serve traditional Italian style coffee, and i’m really passionate about making sure every drink is made perfectly. in fact, we even had an Italian man come into bliss once and when i brought him a cappuccino, he put his hands up and exclaimed, “a real cappuccino!” i’ll never forget that moment.

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Our featured coffee shop drinks

owner and customer favorites

drip coffee

co-owner Jenna loves a classic drip coffee to start off the day. The focus is on the taste of the locally roasted beans. Drip coffee is made by slowly pouring hot water through ground coffee beans that rest in a coffee filter.  the amount of coffee grounds, the heat of the water, and the cleanliness of the equipment all play a part in creating the perfect cup of coffee. 

Our Baristas

our baristas are hired not only on their experience but for their love of coffee. They take pride in what they brew, steam, pull, and are all trained in personally by Jenna. 

Xtra caffeinated

something unique to bliss is our xtra caffeinated, all natural drip coffee. Coming across as a dark roast, this blend was custom-made by Jenna in partnership with java blend. It brings together the robusta coffee bean with the commonly used arabica bean. The robusta bean has nearly 100% more caffeine than the arabica bean, and blending the beans together creates extra caffeinated coffee without missing the mark on flavor. Sold exclusively at bliss.

 did you know? 

Coffee facts
  1. Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world after oil. It is estimated that around 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day globally.
  2. Coffee is actually a fruit. The coffee bean is the seed inside the fruit, which grows on the coffee plant. The fruit is often called a cherry because of its resemblance to a cherry.
  3. The caffeine in coffee is a natural pesticide that paralyses and kills insects that try to feed on the coffee plant. This is why the coffee plant has evolved to produce caffeine.
  4. Coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia, where it is believed to have been consumed as early as the 9th century. It was later brought to the Middle East, where it was roasted and brewed for the first time.
  5. The world’s most expensive coffee is called Kopi Luwak and is made from coffee beans that have been eaten and excreted by a civet, a small mammal native to Southeast Asia. The process of digestion is believed to give the coffee a unique flavor and aroma, and it can sell for up to $600 per pound.
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Frequently Asked question about bliss caffeine bar

when are you open and where are you located?

We are open every Tuesday – Sunday from 8am – 4pm. We are located at 1451 south park street, Halifax, NS.

Is your coffee shop and restaurant sustainable and eco-friendly?

At our restaurant, we’re all about doing our part to reduce waste and be environmentally conscious. That’s why we’ve implemented a variety of small but impactful changes throughout our establishment. For starters, all of our packaging is made from paper or compostable materials, and our baristas are trained to use just the right amount of milk for every drink to minimize waste.

In the kitchen, we’re equally committed to being as efficient and sustainable as possible. We’ve developed an organized system to ensure that we’re never wasting any product.

But we don’t just stop there – we also believe in giving back to our community. That’s why we’ve hosted fundraisers and other events to support local causes and organizations. So when you dine with us, you can feel good knowing that you’re not only enjoying a meal or a coffee but also supporting a business that’s committed to making a positive impact on the world around us.

can I bring my laptop and cowork?

We do not identify as a co-work place or a coffee shop. we are a full service brunch and lunch restaurant. With that said, we are one of the few restaurants in Halifax who have not banned laptops out right. You may use your laptop at bliss while you dine with us with a 1 to 2 hour limit. 

Need a location for your next event?

We provide our unique space for small weddings, receptions and a variety of corporate or private events.