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signature pastries include the pop tart, cinnamuffin, and donuts


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in house baking

we bake ALL OUR DELICIOUS SWEET AND savory PASTRIES in house – cookies, focaccia, and more. made fresh, daily.

our bakers

our team of bakers are individually trained in by chef michelle. They start each shift at 4am to ensure chefs creations are ready for open, 8am sharp.


we are proud to have won gold in The coast’s “Best Of Halifax” awards as the best new business in 2021. Vote for us this year for best restaurant!

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our pastry chef


meet Michelle, a small-town island girl born and raised in morell, Prince Edward Island. she moved to halifax after leaving her master’s studies in pei to pursue a Master’s degree in Sciences, but soon discovered that her true passion lay in baking. Michelle had been an avid baker since childhood, often found side by side with her mother in the kitchen baking delicious family recipes. Michelle has been in the service industry since she was 16.

After loving the reaction she would receive when baking treats for friends, she opened a small booth at the seaport market and started selling her pastries and sandwiches there, quickly developing a cult-like following. Despite not having any professional training, Michelle’s perfectionist approach and natural talents have combined to create some of the most incredible pastries you will ever have.  

her dedication to her craft is unwavering, as she would some days work for 24 hours straight to fulfill orders. Michelle’s dream of opening a restaurant was thought to be a far-off, but it only took a matter of years for her to achieve it. Co-owners Michelle and Jenna are taking Halifax by storm with the incredible food and drinks at bliss caffeine bar.

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bliss caffeine bar
takes pre-orders for pastries!

We require a minimum 48 hours notice. Please contact us for more information and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions about our bakery

What makes our pastries unique?

Michelle’s passion for baking and commitment to perfectionism stems from her upbringing, watching her father work as a skilled carpenter. She inherited his work ethic and attention to detail. Michelle’s uncompromising approach to quality means that she never cuts corners or skimps on ingredients, even if it means a more costly or time-consuming kitchen process. Her unique and fun flavor combinations, coupled with her meticulous practice and attention to detail, Michelle’s pastries and fare stand out as truly exceptional. Her commitment to perfection and quality makes her food unlike anything else, and it is clear that Michelle’s unwavering dedication and hard work is what makes her food so damn good!

Do you have any vegan or gluten-free items?

unfortunately due to the size of our kitchen we cannot safely offer gluten-free items. We have two vegan items from the bakery being our roasted tomato and garlic focaccia and our zaatar and olive focaccia.


We do not offer event catering. alternatively you can make a pastry pre-order at least 48 hours in advance for pickup at bliss caffeine bar.

Need a location for your next event?

We provide our unique space for small weddings, receptions and a variety of corporate or private events.