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a gathering place where high-quality food + drink meets blissful vibes

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Indulge in a culinary experience like no other as you step into our restaurant, where delectable dishes and an inviting ambiance await you. Whether you prefer to make reservations or drop in spontaneously, we warmly welcome you.

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Embrace the convenience of our grab-and-go options when you’re in a rush! Order from our to go counter and select from pastry items in our display case, handcrafted beverages or our takeaway sandwiches.


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Discover the perfect venue for your special occasion at our establishment. Fall in love with our inviting space and allow us to host your wedding, corporate event, baby shower, birthday celebration, photography session etc.

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about jenna and michelle from Bliss Caffeine Bar

about the owners

jenna and michelle

Jenna and Michelle, the founders of Bliss Caffeine Bar, have a passion for food and hospitality that runs deep. Jenna grew up in Collingwood, Ontario, and has been working in restaurants since she was just twelve years old, starting at Dairy Queen making blizzards. She worked her way up from hostess to server, then to cocktail server, and eventually to a management position in downtown Halifax.

After gaining valuable experience, Jenna decided it was time to venture out on her own. She opened The Ville Caffeine Bar in downtown Halifax, a small coffee shop where she could experiment with her love of coffee and pastries. It was through that business that she met Michelle, a talented pastry chef who had a reputation for making kick-ass pastries. Jenna was blown away by Michelle’s skills, and reached out to see if she would be interested in supplying pastries for The Ville.

Michelle was interested, and the two began a professional relationship that would eventually turn into a deep friendship. However, they each had bigger dreams in mind. Jenna wanted to open a brunch restaurant that would be the talk of the town, and michelle wanted to open a high quality restaurant.

After working together for some time, Jenna knew that Michelle was the perfect partner for her in their next venture. she began planting the seeds for a brunch restaurant that had incredible food and amazing coffee, that they could open together. Michelle was initially resistant, but Jenna persisted, and eventually, they decided to team up and take the leap.

Bliss Caffeine Bar was born out of their shared love for food and hospitality, and it shows in every aspect of the restaurant. From the warm and inviting decor to the delicious food and coffee, Bliss is a testament to their dedication and hard work, building a successful business that is a result of their passion and commitment to each other and their craft.

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about our menu

Crafted with passion

It all begins with a simple conversation, like when we talk about the city’s longing for an exceptional Caesar salad. As we curate our menu, we prioritize perfection that will create a memorable experience for everyone.

we strive to create dishes that are intriguing. Every idea is carefully pondered, and each flavour combination is carefully considered. Our aim is to offer something unique yet universally loved — a delightful surprise waiting to be savoured.

Collaboration fuels our culinary journey. Suggestions from our team and the community play a vital role in shaping our offerings. Once we finalize the additions or changes, the real work begins. Recipe testing becomes an immersive process, taking months to ensure perfection. We believe in taking the time to refine our creations, focusing on quality rather than rapid menu rotations.

When you dine with us, you’ll taste the passion woven into every bite. The love and care put into each dish, reflects our genuine adoration for what we do. Our menu evolves with intention and dedication, and every menu change brings forth a renewed experience. Come and savour the results of our culinary exploration — a celebration of flavours that delight the senses.

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We provide our unique space for small weddings, receptions and a variety of corporate or private events.